Hi, I'm Ali

Graduate Computer Science Student at The University of Oregon

A little bit about me

I'm Ali Hassani Jr, computer science graduate student joining the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Oregon this fall and I am working under the supervision of Professor Humphrey Shi at SHI Lab. My main research interests are self-supervised learning applications in computer vision, and I have some background in data mining methods as well.

I started my undergrad studies in CS in 2016 through 2020. I started doing research in ML and data mining in 2019, under the supervision of Professor Abbas Salemi.

My Research

I've always been fascinated by AI in general, and more specifically in computer vision. It is a known fact that among other subjects, deep learning has radically improved computer vision. Nevertheless, this field is still going through improvements every day with new research proposals, and I for one hope to be among those who contribute to it. I've always been very fascinated by deep learning and computer vision specifically, and thanks to Professor Shi, managed to start my research early.

My primary area of research has always been more or less related to representation learning, and it started as semi-supervised and now has led primarily to self-supervised methods of representation learning.

alih [at] uoregon.edu

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